Neighbors From Hell

With some of our recent misses as far as recruiting goes, I got to thinking about why it’s so hard for Georgia to keep the top in-state talent at home. I mean, we’ve got a tradition-rich football program, our facilities are up to date and by all accounts, quite nice, the city of Athens is obviously the best SEC town and our coaches are well liked. So what’s the problem? Well, after the past few seasons, there are many problems. But one of them is that we’ve got neighbors from Hell.

We are surrounded by the enemy. Seven of them, to be exact. Clemson and South Carolina are just a few short hours away from Athens. Take a look at middle and south Georgia and notice the proximity to Auburn, FSU and Florida. All of these neighbors are happy to poach talent from within the state of Georgia. While all of this is hardly a revelation, the point was underscored for me last night when I discovered that I have my own neighbor from Hell. Observe:

The pictures above demonstrate what happens when a neighbor runs into your air conditioner with a U-Haul, ripping it out of the window and completely destroying the frame of the window in the process. There was even structural damage to the brickwork outside, which I’m assuming will have to be completely rebuilt. Oh, and the air conditioner? Brand new, just replaced a few short months ago. And here it is now:

To make matters worse, this neighbor of mine is from Knoxville. Just fucking lovely.

So, yeah, the University of Georgia struggles with its troublesome neighbors, as do I. I’m probably going to be pretty busy dealing with this over the next few days/weeks so fret not if I’m unable to update the blog during this trying time.

Go Dawgs!


2 Responses to “Neighbors From Hell”

  1. It could be worse. It could be July.

    • That’s true. Although, if it were July, we’d be that much closer to The Season starting! I’d gladly suffer through a few daze of unbearably hot weather if it meant we were just a couple of months from kick off.

      Our poor season has taught me some pretty good anger management skills. I find myself in surprisingly good humor, even after this ordeal. Yet another life lesson taught by the game of football.

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