Harrow Commits & Other News

Dawgs have picked up our 19th commitment in Quintavious Harrow, a linebacker/safety prospect out of Carver-Columbus High! Both he and Isaiah Crowell will be in Athens this weekend for an official visit.

In other news, I saw that Coach Stacy Searels is on his way to Austin, Texas to interview for a coaching position for the Texas Longhorns. While this news is somewhat distressing, I can’t say that I’m overly concerned if Coach Searels decides to leave us. I’m not saying he’s not a great coach, but the truth is our offensive lines have underperformed the last few years under Coach Searels’ tutelage. I don’t think the blame can be laid entirely at Coach Searels feet. We’ve had a rash of unfortunate injuries and we’re all familiar with the grumblings about our strength and conditioning program.

My biggest concern if Coach Searels were to leave us is the impact it might have on our current offensive linemen commitments. But it’s said that this group of recruits is very close and by all accounts, all of them want to play ball in Athens.

The rest of this week should provide lots of entertainment for Dawgs fans. Remember that we’ve got Deion Barnes announcing his commitment tomorrow at 8am EST. And later in the day, Jay Rome will announce during a program airing on ESPNU at 5:30pm EST. And, last but not least, Rome’s teammate, Malcolm Mitchell will make his announcement at 8:oopm EST. It should be a big day for the Dawgs. And it might even be a huge day if all three should announce for us. While I think that is an unlikely scenario, it sure was fun to type out.

Guess we’ll find out tomorrow. Good luck, everyone and Go Dawgs!


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    Found your post interesting. I’ve added a Trackback to it :)…

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