Ray Drew Is A Dawg

It was a pretty poorly kept secret but Thomas County Central’s DE Ray Drew sure tried his best to keep folks guessing. But, in the end, as we all knew he would, Ray selected the University of Georgia as the place where he’d like to play ball. That’s one more member added to our growing roster, with a few more on the way. In fact, during his announcement, Ray called on OT Antonio Richardson, RB Isaiah Crowell, N John Jenkins, DE Jeoffrey Pagan and LB Kent Turene to join him as part of the Dream Team. I think they’ll listen.

What a big day for the Dawgs. No, I take that back. What a big offseason. I’d be lying if I thought I’d be feeling this good about Georgia Football at this point in the year, especially after what happened on the last day of last year. But it’s a new year and our coaching staff have done an outstanding job on the recruiting trail. We’ve just picked up the number 9 ranked player in the country, our list of commitments is incredibly strong, there are positive changes being made to the football program and it’s looking like full steam ahead on into Spring Camp and Summer workouts. Oh yeah, and we’re still undefeated this year!

How ‘Bout Them Dawgs!


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