None Compared

Take a look at the video of Ray Drew’s announcement yesterday if you haven’t already seen it.

“Throughout all the War Eagles and all the Go Tigers and throwing up the U of Miami, none compared to the two words that say it all: Go Dawgs!”

It makes a man proud to hear words like that. We’ve got quite the group of incoming recruits and more on the way. National Signing Day can’t get here soon enough!

One Response to “None Compared”

  1. I can’t wait to see the Pastor of Disaster in the silver britches this fall. Drew should be an outstanding player in our defensive scheme. If we bring in Jenkins, Pagan, and Turene at the end, Grantham will have the pieces in place to run his defense the way he wants to. We couldn’t be aggressive in the back 8 this year because we didn’t have the 3 lineman that could control the inside running game.

    Most importantly, Drew looks to be a great kid that will be a leader in the locker room and the classroom and on the field. Welcome to the Bulldog Nation, Ray!

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