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So I heard that Aaron Murray broke his ankle. In two places. What, the first break didn’t take so he had to try again? Then I heard that he didn’t break his ankle at all, but that it was just a sprain. No word on if the sprain was also in two places.

We’re still awaiting official word from UGA regarding Murray’s injury. I wonder what Al in Dadeville was doing this weekend.


I’m Sorry, Auburn

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Someone has poisoned the live oaks at Auburn University’s Toomer’s Corner. This site has been the scene of celebration for Auburn’s successes throughout its history, including their recent National Championship. And now it is the scene of a crime. The two old-growth live oaks at the corner of Magnolia and College streets bordering the campus of Auburn University were well over a century in age.

I don’t care how heated a rivalry becomes. Lord knows I have no love for Auburn, particularly after this past season. But this act of vandalism is reprehensible. My sincerest condolences to the people of Auburn.

Grand Slam!

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Oh, wait. I always get these expressions wrong. Word around the Dawgosphere is that we’ve made a “Knock Out” hire for our recent opening in an assistant defensive coach. A little diligent searching (more Twitter) reveals a name with the initials “K” and “O”!

Kirk Olivadotti, the longest tenured member of the Redskins’ coaching staff, enters his 11th season with the Redskins.

Or maybe it’s Keith Olbermann.

I don’t know that anything is official just yet but my, isn’t this fun!

Missing Link Found

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You know, I really would have thought the Missing Link would have been discovered somewhere in the isolated, woody foothills of the Pacific Northwest. I mean, I saw Harry and the Hendersons. I know how this works. Imagine my surprise when the Dawgs managed to pull one out of Connecticut.

I’m referring, of course, to 6-foot-4, 340-pound Nose, John Jenkins. Our coaches managed to get him to decommit from Oklahoma State and choose the Dawgs over a host of other SEC suitors, including Florida. They really must have sold him on the idea of being that “missing link” in our defense. They’ve certainly sold me and I think our acquisition of his talents for hopefully the two years will be a tremendous boost to the stoutness of our defense. In fact, I managed to scrounge up a photo of Mr. Jenkins manning the line at his Junior College, Mississippi Gulf Coast:

No, that’s not him inside the bunker. He is the bunker. Seriously. 6’4″, 340 lbs.? Lawd have mercy.

We’ve closed out our recruiting class in a very strong manner. It pleases me that we seem to have signed some very high-quality kids who all want to be at Georgia. And I feel I should reiterate what an outstanding job our coaches have done by pulling this class together. Coach Bobo, in fact, has been nominated for a Recruiter of the Year award for his efforts, and deservedly so, I might add. Take a look at the list of recruits he’s credited with helping bring in:

Ray Drew
Malcolm Mitchell
Jay Rome
Christian LeMay
Justin Scott-Wesley


And now we head into the true off season. We’ve got quite a lot on our plate, including hiring two new assistant coaches as well as working through the changes in our strength and conditioning program. And, lest we forget, a new Uga must be found as well. The positive momentum we’ve gained these last few weeks has almost scrubbed the memory of last year from my mind. Almost. But I hope our boys haven’t forgotten it. And let’s hope they remember for these next 209 days.

Welcome to Athens, John Jenkins and How ‘Bout Them Dawgs!

R.I.P., Uga VIII

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Just heard the news that Uga VIII has passed away after a brief struggle with lymphoma. At times, I still can’t get over having to put own dog down four years ago and so I know this must be tough on the Seiler family. It wasn’t that long ago that they had to go through this with Uga VII. Sad day.

So long, Uga VIII.

“Georgia Is Home”

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So, anything exciting going on today? I heard tell the Dawgs were up for some pretty interesting news and so did a little looking around and, lo and behold, seems we picked up a few big time commitments today!

Glory, Glory, indeed. Let’s all welcome the newest members of the women’s soccer team and Bulldog Family, Jenna Owens, Tori Cooper and Bella Hartley!

You know, it seems like there was something else that happened today but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Let’s see, today is the Second of February…

Oh, right. Some kid named Isaiah Crowell, out of Columbus, Georgia signed with us today. You guys know anything about him? I’m hearing he’s a pretty good kicker and will be quite the replacement for Blair Walsh in a couple of years.

Alright, alright. I guess I’m dealing with the excitement by writing like a dumb ass. Signing Isaiah Crowell is huge for us. Huge. But that’s not all for this glorious day. We got in all of our expected signed letters of intent from our verbal commitments and picked up one more from Kent Turene, who said of his decision between USC and Georgia, “USC is Hollywood, it is not home, Georgia is home.”

Georgia is home. That’s what I’m talking about. For the most part, we’ve kept all the kids we wanted in-state and playing for the Good Guys. Sure, we missed out on Gabe Wright and Xavier Dickson and maybe one or two others. But the vast majority of big time Georgia kids decided that coming to Athens was in their best interest. I happen to agree wholeheartedly.

But we’re not done just yet. Keep in mind that the final piece of this Dream Team, Johnathan Jenkins, will sign his letter of intent this Saturday. We desperately need for that letter to be faxed to our coaches. I feel that Jenkins is as important to this signing class as Isaiah Crowell. Perhaps even moreso. But our coaches have done an absolutely outstanding job bringing in such an incredible class of recruits. It’s hard to even express how impressed I am with their efforts. We’re coming off our worst season in 14 years. We didn’t even score a touchdown against the C-USA champs in our bowl game. But Georgia football remains strong. This was proven today, when we secured what is probably Coach Mark Richt’s best and most important class during his tenure at UGA. And this is all possible because most of these kids weighed their options and came to the conclusion that “Georgia is home”. To me, that says a whole lot about the kind of players we just signed.

How ‘Bout Them Dawgs!

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