Grand Slam!

Oh, wait. I always get these expressions wrong. Word around the Dawgosphere is that we’ve made a “Knock Out” hire for our recent opening in an assistant defensive coach. A little diligent searching (more Twitter) reveals a name with the initials “K” and “O”!

Kirk Olivadotti, the longest tenured member of the Redskins’ coaching staff, enters his 11th season with the Redskins.

Or maybe it’s Keith Olbermann.

I don’t know that anything is official just yet but my, isn’t this fun!


2 Responses to “Grand Slam!”

  1. […] not being my native tongue, I find that I often have difficulty using or understanding various figures of speech. And so, much like the Senator, I’m having trouble sussing out just exactly what Coach Bobby […]

  2. […] have to say, Kirk Olivadotti‘s hire is looking better and better as the season progresses. I guess it’s true what […]

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