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No Pepper

Posted in Go Team!, Rounders with tags on Thursday March 31st, 2011 \am\31 8:52 am by Big Muddy Dawg

An admission: I’m not a fan of baseball. I wish this was not so. Because if I was a fan of baseball, the next six months wouldn’t go by so slowly. But, hey, there’s some good news! We’re exactly six months away from The Season starting.

That said, I understand that today is Opening Day for the Major Leagues, which brings with it a sense of excitement for many sports fans. And so, much like wide receiver, Michael Bennett, I shall endeavor to enjoy this day:

And in the coming days ahead, as we trudge onward towards the Fall, perhaps I’ll share a story about the first baseball game I ever attended: Auburn v. UGA, at Foley Field, the night Bo Jackson busted our lights with a homer.

Until then, Go Dawgs and Go Braves!


Other People’s Business

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Having lived in the Great American South for most of my life, it seemed inevitable that I would develop friendships with fans of other programs. And as you all know, followers of Southern football can be especially fervent in our fandom. But I’ve mentioned before that I don’t begrudge anyone loving their team as much as I love mine. And so I thought it might be insightful to talk to some of these friends about the state of their team as we go into Spring ball.

First up, Auburn. I’ve got a former co-worker who has been a Tigers fan since he was a kid and he loves them dearly. Imagine my surprise when I sat down with him to talk Tigers football and couldn’t really get a word out of him. It’s not that he didn’t have anything to say. It’s just that I couldn’t really understand him. I took a picture just so you guys could see what I mean:

When I left him, I thought I heard him mumble something about the vengeance of trees and how we’d all be sorry; figured he was just talking about some M. Night Shyamalan movie or something.

OK, so next up, Tennessee. I often find myself surrounded by UT fans. This is not to be unexpected because, as I’ve mention before, I live amongst the enemy. But, generally speaking, I get along with my UT friends fifty or so weeks out of the year. And so I was a little concerned when I met with my UT buddy to talk Vols. He seemed agitated. Rightfully so, I might add. After all, his basketball team just lost by thirty points on national TV and his basketball coach got fired as a result of lying to the NCAA. When I asked him about a rumor I’d heard about UGA’s basketball coach, Mark Fox, possibly being a replacement up in Knoxville, all he could muster was a half-hearted “Vol lock”. I left him alone in his misery but not before reminding him that at least they got a Georgia boy at the helm for their football team. I think his head might actually have exploded at this point. I’m not certain because I was too busy running away.

Moving on. A former boss of mine (up until this past week) is a graduate of Mississppi State. He’s actually the only MSU fan I know. We chatted ever so briefly about his ‘Dogs. I started off the conversation rather gregariously: So, how are things in Starkghanistan? What have you Tofu Dogs been up to? And, seriously, how is it that you guys can have a great year (by your standards), capping it off with a blowout win in your Bowl game and still have terrible recruiting afterwards? Your boosters a little gun-shy after the whole Cam Newton deal? I tell you what. Maybe you guys should spend that extra cash on an even bigger screen for your rinky dink stadium, making sure it’s just that much bigger than the one in the stadium of that School up north, in Oxford. His reply?



Alright, so this little Q&A thing didn’t really pan out how I’d planned it. So I figure I should at least try to close it out with a real humdinger: Georgia Tech. Here is the result of the conversation I had with my Yellow Jackets friend.





This space intentionally left blank.






Go Dawgs!

Tweet From Coach Fox

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Just saw this tweet by Coach Mark Fox and felt compelled to pass it along:

As we all know, Japan was hit by a very powerful earthquake earlier today. The destruction is widespread and the effects felt worldwide, as tsunamis caused by the quake continue to crash onto distant shorelines. Take a moment, if you can, to spare a few thoughts for all of those affected.

Happy First!

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Happy first day of Spring Training, everyone! We’ve gone through a few changes in the off season so far and today’s practice will mark the first time where a lot of these changes come together. For instance, we’ve got two new assistant coaches in offensive line coach, Will Friend and linebackers coach, Kirk Olivadotti. What better way to really start a new job than on the practice field, right? That’s got to be one of the coolest offices to have, where one’s brand new office door leads to so many possibilities.

In addition, we will all get to witness for the first time the effects of the changes made to our strength and conditioning program. A source of great hemming and hawing these last few months, these changes in the weight room as well as in areas of nutrition should, by now, begin to show fruition. We’ve all seen the tweets by some of our players regarding the new workout routines. Seems they weren’t exaggerating.

Of note, Robinson is up 15 pounds to 230 after playing at 215 last season. He’s moving over to Akeem Dent’s middle linebacker spot. Tight end Orson Charles is now pushing 250, and quarterback Aaron Murray was adamant that it was a chiseled 250. Murray has also gained 15 pounds and weighs 215 going into the spring. Alec Ogletree, who’s moving from safety to inside linebacker, is pushing 240 pounds.

And speaking of tweets, let’s take a brief look at what some of our players are thinking about today’s practice:

The players are excited, the coaches are excited and I’m definitely excited. Next thing you know, the boys will be back from Spring Break and onto the practice fields once again. Then we’ll head on into G-Day and before you know it the season will be here. See, I really believe what I just wrote. Every year. But then the long Summer months show up and spoil everything. Every year. Hope Springs eternal, which leads to an eventual Fall. But that’s when football is played.

Go Dawgs!

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