No Pepper

An admission: I’m not a fan of baseball. I wish this was not so. Because if I was a fan of baseball, the next six months wouldn’t go by so slowly. But, hey, there’s some good news! We’re exactly six months away from The Season starting.

That said, I understand that today is Opening Day for the Major Leagues, which brings with it a sense of excitement for many sports fans. And so, much like wide receiver, Michael Bennett, I shall endeavor to enjoy this day:

And in the coming days ahead, as we trudge onward towards the Fall, perhaps I’ll share a story about the first baseball game I ever attended: Auburn v. UGA, at Foley Field, the night Bo Jackson busted our lights with a homer.

Until then, Go Dawgs and Go Braves!


3 Responses to “No Pepper”

  1. Grew up watching the Albany(Ga) Cardinals in the Ga-Fla League. Dizzy Dean(before my time) and Ken Boyer came through there. Watched Boyer set the HR record for that league.

    It just ain’t the same today. All machines on HGH, no characters to retain our interest. Chipper’s love of the game comes through and the CWS coach supplies some fireworks, but the heart of the game has been infected. Hope College Football doesn’t go down or 2012 could become “End of Days”.

  2. “Manager”, not “coach”.

  3. […] Should Bat I’ve confessed to not being a particularly ardent baseball fan. But I am a fan of sports in general. And, also, […]

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