I Love the Offseason

Not really. But there is entertainment to be had. Sure, generally it involves message board arguments over Who Has the Hottest Coeds™ or Which Campus Is More Beautiful©. And you really owe it to yourselves to get into a discussion on Which School Has the Best Academics®.

But my favorite form of offseason entertainment is the the early shots. You hear it? It’s at the edge of perception, perhaps, but it’s there; the rattling of sabres.

Or possibly I’m easily amused.



2 Responses to “I Love the Offseason”

  1. That kid hasn’t even hitched up his silver britches yet and I already love him. (no homo)

  2. Off-Season 2011 ?

    That the topic for the #23 team the last Five (5) Years in Winning Percentage ?

    2011 (so far) :

    AJ Harmon – transfer Academics off-field suspensions slated as Starter 2011
    Washaun Ealey – transfer off-field arrest, on-field fumbles, doghouse, Starter
    Marcus Dowtin – transfer off-field arrest, doghouse, Starter
    Nick Williams – transfer out, not happy with coaches jerking him around, Starter
    Logan Gray – transfer out, not happy with coaches jerking him around, Starting designated fair catch punt returner
    Justin Houston – failed drug test during NFL combines trying to leave early, Starter
    Deion Bonner– arrest thief in UGA locker room offered scholarship by Mark Richt, potential Starter
    Caleb King – Academics suspended for bowl game Academics & arrests ongoing, Starter
    Chris Mayes – Flunked out 2011 Dream Team signed with Mark Richt, Academics gone, no idea if or when he will be Starter

    All of these 9 are GONE. (Except Caleb King, whom Mark Richt gives Favorite Preferrential Treatment to, and always has.) Of course Caleb King should be gone for what he did prior to Spring Break last year, telling the UGA bus driver who loaned him $500 that if she tried to get it repaid that he would post nude pics and videos of her on the Internet.)

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