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“A Flat-out Stud”

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ESPN’s Todd McShay had this to say regarding the Dawgs offensive line:

There’s been plenty of preseason O-line hype in years past, most notably last season, and so it’s easy to shrug this off. Eh, who am I kidding? I’d be lying if I said reading those things said by Mr. McShay didn’t lead to perhaps some quickening of the old heart rate. I’m hopeless.

Enemy Territory

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Just came across this great picture of Hines Ward and Ocho Cinco, taken earlier today at a certain practice facility in Atlanta. See if you can tell just where in The A this picture was taken.

Alright, if you’re not interested in playing along at home, here’s a hint: the fans of the team that normally practices on that field just absolutely love Hines Ward.

Go Dawgs!

Barber to Follow Butler

Posted in Recruits with tags , on Saturday June 11th, 2011 \pm\30 3:56 pm by Big Muddy Dawg

What are we, a P.G. Wodehouse novel? We’re not getting ready to sign someone named Valet, are we? I’m not sure about all this gentleman’s personal gentleman business.

Obtuse literary reference aside, Dawgs have offered a scholarship to and received the commitment of 2012 punter Colin Barber, out of Cartersville High, who is projected to replace Drew Butler next season. This commitment is hot on the heels of our other recent commitment, from fullback Quayvon Hicks, out of Pierce County High.

And speaking of recruits, I actually meant to make this part of the post yesterday but couldn’t due to my Internet acting up. But, anyway, did you guys see that article by Marc Weiszer regarding John Jenkins? Lawd have mercy:

Upon seeing that photo, I was immediately reminded of an exchange of dialogue between Miracle Max (Billy Crystal) and Fezzik (Andre the Giant) from the wonderful film The Princess Bride:

Miracle Max (answering door): Beat it or I’ll call the Brute Squad!
Fezzik: I’m on the Brute Squad.
Miracle Max (looking Fezzik up and down): You are the Brute Squad!

While it may look like an iPhone in Mr. Jenkins’ left hand, I assure you that it is indeed a Cray-2 Supercomputer. He really is just that big.

Pitchers Should Bat

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I’ve confessed to not being a particularly ardent baseball fan. But I am a fan of sports in general. And, also, I’m a guy so everything that happens in the sports world somehow eventually filters through to my brain, where it is immediately stored away for later use at any gathering where there is at least one (1) other guy present and during games of Trivial Pursuit.

But there is nothing trivial about the gesture made today by the Texas Rangers.

With their 33rd-round pick in the First-Year Player Draft on Wednesday, the Texas Rangers selected University of Georgia outfielder Johnathan Taylor, who suffered partial paralysis after injuring his spine in a game on March 6.

Alright. Just to be clear, I’ll now root for the Texas Rangers but I still don’t believe in the designated hitter rule.

Well done, guys.


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You know what’s interesting to me? Y’all are familiar with Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, right? “Dun-Dun-Dun Daaah!” So powerful. And here’s the interesting bit. Morse code for the letter “V” is Dot-Dot-Dot Dash. The Roman numeral for the number five is “V”. And, as we all know, V stands for Victory. This all occurred to me today, June 6th.

Also a Damn Good Dawg.

So I spent a few moments thinking about the brave men and women who, 67 years ago today, embarked upon a “Great Crusade” to save the world. I would never claim to be a scholar of World War II. I mean, I’ve read a few books, seen a few movies and I may have played Castle Wolfenstein once or twice back in the day. I know how vitally important an undertaking this invasion of Europe was to our war efforts. And so I mean no disrespect when I segue from D Day into talking about the Dawgs.

You see, I was browsing through my Twitter feed a minute ago and came upon tweet after tweet from our recruits as they said their goodbyes to friends and family. As you all know, today is the day they all report to Athens and the University of Georgia to become Bulldogs. Today is the day that most of these guys have worked most of their lives towards. And now, today is the day that they embark towards the great unknown, away from home and a lifetime of familiarity.

While the challenges ahead faced by our recruits aren’t remotely comparable to what happened on Omaha, Utah, Sword, Juno and Gold 67 years ago, today is no less a momentous occasion for them.

So know this, boys. It’s like Ike said:

I have full confidence in your courage, devotion to
duty and skill in battle. We will accept nothing less
than full Victory!

Go Dawgs!

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