It’s been a rather eventful time for the Dawgs lately. But first I’d like to spend a moment praising someone. Richard Samuel, to be exact. He signed with the Dawgs out of Cass High School in Bartow County as a 5-star recruit, graduated early and was on campus in Athens at the age of 17. And while others may have had a few years to develop their bodies, Richard’s physical prowess was such that he came in and contributed as a true freshman. As a running back. In the SEC.

But due to varying circumstances, some of which were beyond his control, Richard was asked to switch to the defensive side of the ball as a linebacker, a position he also excelled at in high school. After redshirting last year, Samuel was primed this season to play a role as a back up linebacker as he continued to get comfortable at his new position.

But things beyond Richard Samuel’s control once again occurred during the off season, first with the transfer of Washaun Ealey and then, later with the declaration of the ineligibility of Caleb King. Dawgs found themselves with only one running back on our roster with any game time experience. Sure, we’ve got high school superstar, Isaiah Crowell, coming in. But if there’s anything we all know about SEC football, it is that success is often measured by the depth of a team.

And so, while Richard Samuel had worked hard to readjust to his new position as a linebacker (he’s up to 245 lbs. now), after discussions with his family and coaches, Richard has once again switched positions, returning to the offensive unit as a running back. This was not a decision to be lightly made. What’s that old saying? Jack of all trades, master of none? Yeah. Richard did this for the team. And is there anything more one can ask from a player? From a teammate? From a man?

Well done, Richard Samuel.

And speaking of team, guess what tonight is? It’s Dawg Night! We’ve got well over a hundred top recruits from throughout the nation in Athens tonight and the feeling is there will be a number of offers going out. It’s also possible that we’ll pick up a commitment or three. If I recall, we got the commitment of Nathan Theus last Dawg Night. And, my, is that Nathan’s brother, John Theus, in town tonight? Hmm.

4 Responses to “TEAM me”

  1. He’s from Cass HS…..Bartow County

  2. That’s “Jack of all trades, master of one.”-Benjamin Freanklin. Here’s hoping RS masters rb and wins the Heisman.

  3. […] now, I’d like to focus on Richard Samuel IV. Earlier in the summer, I made a post on what an outstanding team player his is and I even voiced some hope that Richard could be productive for us as a running […]

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