Welcome, Chester Brown!

I’m sure it’s all over the Dawgosphere by now but I’d like to do my part in welcoming Chester Brown to the Bulldog family. The 6’5″ 323 lb. offensive line recruit from Bradwell Institute in Hinesville, Georgia officially committed to Coach Mark Richt and the University of Georgia earlier this afternoon. Chester will join John Theus as the second 2012 offensive line commit for the Dawgs since last Friday’s Dawg Night.

You know, reading about Chester and looking at his picture, it occurred to me that his name doesn’t really fit his appearance:

I mean, it’s not like his name is Oscar Zeta Acosta or anything. But you have to admit that he doesn’t much look like a Chester Brown. At any rate, from what I’ve seen and read, he does look like a great get for us. Make sure to head over and take a look at the story linked above regarding Chester’s commitment. It’s a nice read:

“I broke down into tears,” he said of the offer to play football in college in lieu of paying for an education. “Coming from my family – it is hard. We’ve had hard times. It was going to be hard for us to pay for college, so I felt like this a big burden taken off of my family.”

How ‘Bout Them Dawgs!


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