Mark Richt Q&A

Check out the transcript of a Q&A session with Coach Mark Richt during SEC Media Days over at Dawgs247. There’s a lot of great insight there including this bit about how the new uniforms were introduced to the team last night:

COACH RICHT: Well, I think the jersey change is a great idea if you win, and I think it’s a bad idea if you lose. I think you’re smart when you win and you’re dumb when you lose.

You know what, our players are excited about it. We had a team meeting last night. Nike was very gracious to allow our team to see the uniforms prior to everybody else seeing it. I’ll kind of paint the scene a little bit. We have our meeting. It starts at 6:00. I’m looking at the clock, it strikes 6:00, time to start the meeting. I notice a couple guys are meeting [sic].

I ask our director of football ops, Who is missing?

He said, Boykin and Murray.

I take my pad, I slam it on the ground, I say a few choice things about the lack of leadership on the things, Brad, see if you can go find these guys. He walks out of the room. Within a couple moments in come Boykin and Murray decked out in the Pro Combat Nike jersey, the whole uniform, head to toe. The players, first of all, coach is mad, real quiet, nobody said a word. Those guys came in the room fully decked out. Everybody didn’t say anything for a while, then they kind of went berserk for a while. It was fun. A lot of energy in that room, a lot of excitement.

They’re going to enjoy wearing those jerseys, that uniform. Is that thing going to help us win the game? I can promise you it won’t win the game for us because I think Boise State is going to be wearing some of theirs, too. But it’s fun. I’ll say this. College football is a grind. It is a grind for the coaches. It’s a grind for the players. We love it. We’re not complaining. But anytime you can have some fun with your guys, I think it’s good to do that. To wear those uniforms is going to be something they’re really going to enjoy.

And if we win, it was a great idea (smiling).

He’s a sly one, that Coach Richt. Who could forget the subterfuge with having the team captains come out in the red jerseys for the coin toss before pulling them off to reveal the black ones during The Blackout back in 2007?

Head on over to read the rest. It’s well worth your time.


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