Bengals Brew Bayou Beer

The fine folks at LSU have decided to brew their own beer:

Ballard said the project was developed through LSU’s food science department, with classes involved in creating the recipe.

Reading that bit, I’m reminded of how severely disappointed I am with my guidance counselor. “You’ll want to go pre-law. Or pre-med. Really, any thing that might pre-clude you from having any sort of fun”. Thanks, buddy.

Click the link to read the article because there is a poll to decide what to call this new magical elixir from the Red Sticks, including the ability to write-in a vote. I’m sure you’ll all choose to be responsible with your suggestions.


One Response to “Bengals Brew Bayou Beer”

  1. […] this post by the Senator and it reminded me of how LSU is fixin’ to roll out their own brand of beer. I wonder if they ever thought of a name for it? Because I’ve certainly got a suggestion. Bug […]

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