Number 27 Georgia Bulldogs

The Rivals Preseason 120 Countdown continues today with Number 27, the Georgia Bulldogs:

STAT TO KEEP AN EYE ON: The improvement in turnover margin was huge last season (from minus-12 in 2009 to plus-10 last season), but the won-loss record didn’t reflect it. This season, it will be important to watch the rushing attack. Georgia hasn’t ranked higher than third in the SEC in rushing since 2005 and has ranked seventh or worse three times in the past five seasons. Given the questions surrounding the passing attack, the Bulldogs’ goal should be 160 yards per game, a figure they’ve reached just three times in the past nine seasons.

Those three times? 2005, 2007 and 2009 (surprisingly), according to We came close in 2004 with a 156.83 average.

Interestingly, Rivals lists our secondary as being solid. Not to be disparaging in any way but that part of our defense is what I’m questioning the most as we head into the season. Also note that they’ve got our special teams unit listed as the best in the nation, based not just on the feet of Drew Butler and Blair Walsh. As we all know, Warren Belin, who has since moved on to a position with the Carolina Panthers, had a hand in developing that unit into what it is. Let’s hope they keep up the good habits. Anyway, head over for the full read. It’s pretty comprehensive.


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