These Ain’t Temporary

While the topic of the temperature of Coach Mark Richt’s seat continues to make the rounds, it seems that the spirits of our staff along with our team remain high. In fact, how excited are some of our new players at joining the Georgia Bulldogs as part of the much touted Dream Team? Well, so excited that a few of them decided to get those very words tattooed onto their arms:

(Although Richt did tell the gathering that three incoming freshmen have “Dream Team” tattooed on their arms.)

I’m not one to judge. And, honestly, it’s not like they got their names tattooed onto their backs or anything silly like that. OK, so maybe I am one to judge. And speaking of judging, I came across this picture today and figured you guys might like to judge along with me. Behold, the beloved Yellow Jacket mascot in tattoo form:

Just look at those magnificent lines, those artful strokes, so… je ne sais pas. I swear, if having that mascot tattooed on my arm was a symbol of the pride I have in my school, then surely I too would choose to have it done up in Henna. You know, so that it lasts from a few days to up to a month. With proper care, mind.


One Response to “These Ain’t Temporary”

  1. # 121 Western Carolina
    # 107 Middle Tennessee State
    # 82 Kansas
    # 33 North Carolina
    # 64 North Carolina State
    # 44 Maryland
    # 80 Virginia
    # 28 Miami of Florida
    # 40 Climpsum Farmers
    Top 21 Virginia Tech
    # 91 Duke
    # 27 Georgia

    # 65 Georgia tek plays 1 team in Rivals Top 25 and 11 regular season games against “opponents” Rivals ranks this morning with an average ranking of # 65.

    They should go 11-1 against that schedule, only Georgia tek is not any good, and their opponents are even worse. But, even if they went 11-1 regular season, I would not put that logo on my arm. That is an arm isn’t it ? It is hard to tell. I would not consider that an arm.

    Who cares what Georgia tek’s record is against 11 teams who average # 65 ?

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