Turning the Tide

From an interview with 2013 defensive back prospect, Tray Matthews, over at Rivals regarding his recent visit to Tuscaloosa and how it’s given him pause with his recruitment decision:

“Scott Cochran, the strength coach at Alabama, is really crazy and really down to earth, and he was the coach I loved the most. Really looking at both of the strength coaches at Georgia and Alabama, it is exactly the same, with all of the yelling and pushing you to be better.”

Interesting. So the atmosphere in both weight rooms appear to be similar. Hopefully the techniques used in both are similar as well. Wonder what other techniques get used over in Tuscaloosa?

“At first I was planning on committing by the end of the summer, but now the coaches are telling me to wait and check out how they do during the season, and see what coaches are going to be there at the end of the year. I plan to visit Alabama and Georgia for a couple of games this season, and it will likely come down to that. If Georgia does not have a good season, and Coach Richt is not there, then I will go to Alabama. I know that for a fact. I will see how they do in those early games, and make my decision from there.”

Ah, yes. Good old negative recruiting. I’m afraid we’ve seen this sort of thing before and we’ll continue to see it until the Dawgs put a stop to it. And the best way to do that? Beat the hell out of everyone we meet.


3 Responses to “Turning the Tide”

  1. Interesting stuff, glad to hear we’re getting back to where we need to be in the weight room. Let’s hope it shows on the field.

  2. […] defensive back prospect Tray Matthews has given us his verbal commitment. Guess he’s not buying what ‘Bama’s selling. And what are we getting out of Tray […]

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