Joe T: In the Shadows

The AJC’s got an article up about our strength and conditioning program with some mighty interesting bits.

The chief difference in Georgia’s summer program has been an emphasis on running. Specifically, running for a long time. The Bulldogs have always run during the summers, but most of the emphasis was on sprinting.

I swear, there’s, like, a tale or something involving a couple of animals, maybe, that kind of illustrates this whole marathon versus sprint thing. I think it was an episode of Tom and Jerry.

Jerry's new friend, Jonathan Jenkins.

“Joe’s not one to beat his chest,” said Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity, who has known Tereshinski since the 1970s. “He’s not going to be out there talking about himself. That’s just not Joe. He wants to be in the shadows.”

Dude’s a ninja. Like me.

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