“Coach Richt” Makes a Funny

Yes, I’m laughing on the outside. But I assure you, that reminder of Jadeveon Clowney lining up against us on September 10th has me decidedly not laughing on the inside.

Addendum: As has been pointed out to me, this is not actually Coach Richt’s Twitter. Just seeing Clowney’s name must have triggered some sort of reaction from me. It’s like one of those attack words used for training dogs to attack on command.

Great. Now I’m thinking about Jadeveon Clowney and attack dogs.


2 Responses to ““Coach Richt” Makes a Funny”

  1. You are aware that is a fake twitter account, right??

    Mark Richt once had a twitter account, about 3 years ago, then it went stagnant. This one is 100% fake.

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