Music, Meet My Ears

Hell yes. I’m already in a good mood and it just got better:

“Even when they went into the next week those guys still had on their mind that hit you laid on them. I don’t think we had anybody on that defense that was doing that, that was presenting that intimidation factor. I told those guys how I felt about it. In the NFL, we have a lot of guys from all over and we have a bunch of South Carolina guys on our team. For a guy to come up to me and say, ‘what happened to Georgia? You guys are soft,” you know, for me, that did something to me.”

That’s Thomas Davis, by the way. You may remember him from his stint at UGA, where he became everyone’s hero. As you may have learned by now, Davis returns to Athens this weekend to receive his undergraduate degree, which he finished up after leaving the Dawgs early for the League. Maybe he’ll get to spend a little time with our boys during training camp. I’d love to hear what he’d have to say to them.

Congratulations to a Damn Good Dawg. I hope I don’t ever make him mad. Because I’m pretty sure DeCori Birmingham still remembers that time Thomas Davis was mad.


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