Fútbol Scrimmage

I don’t know if you guys followed the Women’s National Team during the World Cup earlier this Summer. I watched a few matches and, like most, was excited to see us advance to the finals. And I give all the credit in the world to the Japanese team, who, despite being down early, fought back to tie it up (twice) and send the match into a penalty shootout where they prevailed to bring the World Cup trophy to Japan for the first time. But this did not diminish the pride I had in our women’s team for representing our country so well.

And I admit that watching these soccer matches kind of whetted my appetite a bit. If any of you feel the same way and would like to see more, the Lady Dawgs are in the midst of their preseason training and will conduct an open to the public scrimmage tomorrow night at 7pm at the UGA Soccer Stadium. So head on out to lend some support and to welcome our new freshmen to the team.

Yes, this picture is a year old. But it was the only one I could find. And not from a lack of looking, mind.

Go Dawgs!


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