Christian Robinson’s Role

Dawgs247 has a nice write up on linebacker Christian Robinson. Playing the position of “Mike” linebacker, Christian will be the one calling all the plays on the field and making sure that everyone is lined up correctly. As you can imagine, it’s a pretty important role.

“He understands the defense better than anybody on the field,” Richt said. “He can get everybody lined up, and he’s improving quite a bit. He finally had an offseason where he wasn’t injured and was able to put some good pounds on. He’s going to be much improved.”

If you’ll recall, Christian got on the bus the early and while I certainly can’t attest to the appearance of his… posterior or his grocery bag, the results have come in positively for this dedicated player. Very much looking forward to impact he’ll have on our defense.

Oh, one last thing. I couldn’t help but notice something when I saw a photo of Christian Robinson in that article:

The resemblance is striking, although I don’t think I’ve ever seen Huey Freeman smile.


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