Murray’s Arm Strength

I hacked together a little video with a few clips from a couple of our games last season showing Aaron Murray throwing the deep ball.

Notice anything in particular about those plays? Yeah, they might have all gone for touchdowns had Murray hit his guys in stride.

Oh. Well, carry on then.


5 Responses to “Murray’s Arm Strength”

  1. I think Murray has tremendous arm strength. Do you remember the final hail mary v. Arkansas? It traveled 65 yards in the air. The announcers Chris Spielman and Bob Griese were very impressed. Most college QBs can’t throw it 65 yards. I sure never saw David Greene do that. I think his throws where he didn’t hit guys in stride were more just an issue of bad timing, not lack of arm strength.

  2. The difference this year will be Murray making quicker decisions and recognizing where to throw the ball sooner. Therefore, he’ll make the read and throws hitting the players in stride. I remember Stafford always throwing the ball 2 yards too far and we have an incomplete pass. I would rather have a long completion than an incomplete pass. Joe Montana never had a strong arm either…he did pretty well.

  3. Rather them be underthrown and complete than overthrown and incomplete.

  4. Yeah, I do believe that Aaron Murray has a very strong arm. Remember our third touchdown against Auburn last year, when Murray heaved it beautifully to the back corner of the end zone for A.J.? Or that second touchdown to A.J. in Boulder, where he hit him in stride on that deep post? And, one of my favorites, that awesome pass to Tavarres King for our first touchdown at the Cocktail Party.

    Anyone who saw those passes and still believes that Murray is lacking in arm strength clearly has an agenda against him. I saw Radi’s Tweet yesterday and thought this post would be a fun way bring some attention to it.

    By all accounts, Aaron Murray is one of if not the hardest worker on our team. I have absolute confidence in him as our quarterback and leader. And I think this feeling is shared by everyone on our sidelines as well.

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