Hard at Work

How hard are the Dawgs working? Put it this way: even our cheerleaders are getting after it:

Dawgs continued day four of practice today and a few standouts have emerged, according to Coach Mike Bobo:

Bobo rattled off the names of receivers Malcolm Mitchell and Chris Conley, quarterback Christian LeMay and defensive backs Damian Swann, Nick Marshall and Chris Sanders. “There are some athletic jokers that are making some plays,” Bobo said.

I have to say, it does me good to see those last three names mentioned. With the addition of John Jenkins and the emergence of Kwame Geathers along with Alec Ogletree’s move to linebacker as well as the rest of our returning starters having another year in the system, our defensive front seven is not something that I’m all too concerned with. However, memories of our secondary play from last season still keeps me up at night sometimes. So, yes, I’m very glad to see some of our defensive backs getting mentioned as having impressed.

Nick Marshall, in particular, excites me to no end. A two-sport athlete out of Wilcox County, Marshall elected to join the Dawgs as a cornerback recruit even though his natural position in high school was quarterback. And I would be remiss not to mention the fact that he turned down playing quarterback for Tech to play defense for the Dawgs. This alone moves Nick Marshall up a few notches in my book. But the fact that he’s a superstar athlete who will help out between the hedges, both defensively and offensively (hopefully), as well as play basketball for Coach Mark Fox at Stegeman just puts him over the top. And speaking of which:

Good ball handling skills? Check. Ups? Check. Nick Marshall is going to be a fine addition to both our football and basketball teams and I’ll be cheering the loudest for him.

Go Dawgs!


2 Responses to “Hard at Work”

  1. Wonderful Ohio on the Gulf 'Dog Says:

    Marshall surely chose the right path coming to Georgia and eschewing Tech!

    Besides that it is Tech,

    PJ lets his QB pass, what, 17 times per season?

    Tech’s QBs assignments each play run in this order:

    1. take snap,

    2. run a little bit while deciding to whom to lateral,

    3. lateral to a trailing back, and

    4. finally, try to block an incoming Abry Jones or DeAngelo Tyson who outweigh you by 120 pounds.

    Nick will doubtless make Wilcox County proud, and make one DGD!


    • Absolutely. I’m a big fan of us recruiting two-sport athletes, even if they only end up playing one in college. Of our new recruits, Watts Dantzler, Jay Rome and Nick Marshall are three that I know for sure were basketball as well as football players. And we’ve all seen how much praise the three of them have already garnered from our coaches and members of the media. I think it’s natural for these two-sport kids to develop a physical as well as mental toughness to be able to compete at such a high level. Plus, you gotta figure playing round ball has got to help with footwork and agility.

      Man, these next few weeks are going to fly by and before we know it, we’ll be doffing our hats at the opening notes of the Battle Hymn of the Republic. So Glorious.

      Go Dawgs!

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