Murray the Blocker

Saw a Tweet earlier from Aaron Murray that said something to the effect of “Tried lead blocking for my boy @TKUnoDos [Tavarres King] on a reverse today. He blew by me for a 70 yard td #fastguy” and it reminded me of something. Y’all remember this play from last year?

Joking aside, I recall many instances last year where Aaron Murray was out in front after a hand off and performed many admirable blocks. Like the first run in this video, for instance.

You know, watching that, I love Ben Jones’ reaction on the sidelines at the end of the the first clip showing Carlton Thomas’ touchdown. I can only describe it as him having a… “moment”, shall we say. And it occurs to me that maybe Murray should let the big boys block. But, then again, how is one going to tell a football player not to play football? So carry on, Aaron Murray. Do what you do.


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