What’d I miss?

Oh. My. God. Have you guys seen this Dawgs v. Broncos write up [Edit: Which has since been edited to actually include some factual information.] over at One Bronco Nation Under God? It’s completely ridic-… What’s that? You’ve seen it a million times and everybody who’s anybody’s already dissected it to pieces to discover it’s make up (40% Bull and 60% Shit, for those who are curious) so that such a potently evil combination of Dumb Ass™ can be banned from existence, never again to harry those of us able to tell right from wrong? I swear, I spend a few hours away from the Internet and all of a sudden I find myself out of the loop.

Well, I’ve already gotten myself all worked up and I’m afraid going for a run did nothing for it.

Having said that, I’d like to coin a term: Obnugian, which means “in the manner of the Obnug“. And what is an Obnug? It can best be described as a state of mind. An Obnug eschews facts, instead preferring fabrication. So with this in mind, here is my Obnugian write up of our game against the Boise State Broncos:

Oh, and it seems that Jarvis Jones has been cleared to play by the NCAA. You know, it’s like I’ve always said. Those are some good folks over at that NCAA.


2 Responses to “What’d I miss?”

  1. Mr Red Blackman and I have been over last night and today exchanging hand grenades it`s kinda funny the mindset of some over there, but the majority of Bronco fans seem grounded and somewhat respect the dawgs.

    • Yes, I’ve followed along with much delight.

      I met a bunch of Broncos fans in the Phoenix airport the day after their big win in the desert against Oklahoma and even though I was wearing a Dawgs hat and it had only been a short year since we destroyed them at Sanford, all of them were incredibly nice. They were also incredibly happy from the night before so it may have just been a “positive hangover” sort of thing.

      But more than a few mentioned how they’d like a rematch with us, obviously feeling very confident from their big win the previous evening. I had a good time chatting it up with them and, in fact, I’m smiling now just thinking about it. Good folks, those Idahoians.

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