Where is Marlon Brown?

Well, I don’t think he’s at his favorite wings place. I just drove by and I didn’t see him. Oh, right. He’s in Athens, getting after it:

“All of them are looking great,” Murray said, “but Marlon Brown has done a tremendous job, turning everyone’s head. A lot of guys on the team are like, ‘Man, he’s looking awesome out there.’ … He’s had a tremendous camp, making a ton of plays, fluid and real consistent. I don’t think he’s had a bad day yet.”

Am I glad to read that. Look, kid is 6’5″ 222 lbs. That’s, like, prototypical, man. Maybe even archetypal. When his genes met up to decide what Marlon Brown would grow up to be like, “Dominant NFL Wide Receiver” is what they settled on. It’s unfortunate for him that he spent a year playing alongside another such specimen. You might remember him as A.J. Green, the eighth wonder of the world. But this doesn’t belie the fact the he’s also had a year without A.J. getting most of the looks.

I know that the criticism of Marlon Brown out of high school was that he didn’t really play against top-notch competition, which has slowed his progress once he started competing against SEC boys. But maybe a third year in the system has done him some good.

“It’s like natural now. I’m just more flexible running routes now. I’m smoother running routes, and I just know my job better.”

Praise be. We’re going to need you, Marlon Brown, and I’m glad to read that you’ve stepped up your game.


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