First Scrimmage

It’s a very exciting time, guys! Today, Dawgs conduct their first scrimmage and I know I’m looking forward to reading the outcome and obsessing over every little detail. And just think how our players must feel. In fact, let’s take a look.

Freshman offensive lineman Hunter Long has the right idea:

Tight end Aron White discusses a new strategy to keep defenders off him:

Quarterback Aaron Murray feeling a little confident:

Receiver Michael “White Lightning” Bennett tells it like it is:

And on the other side of the ball, “Sam” linebacker Chase Vasser knows what the defense brings:

You know, some times folks show their excitement in different ways. Outside linebacker Ray Drew, for instance, takes a calmer approach to preparing for the team’s first scrimmage:

Not to be outdone, Aron White shows how an upperclassman does it:

Our team have worked hard this summer and I know they’re ready to hit someone for real today. Get after it, boys.


One Response to “First Scrimmage”

  1. Ray Drew not making much noise on the field , maybe he was injured………or maybe there wasn’t a microphone present.

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