Where is Ray Drew?

With all the talk about Isaiah Crowell this and Malcolm Mitchell that, we haven’t really heard much about another integral part of the Dream Team: outside linebacker Ray Drew. Drew was expected to come in and compete for a starting position right away with the departure of Justin Houston to the NFL draft.

And while we’ve all read the reports of John Jenkins fighting back after a tough first practice and how a number of the young defensive backs are starting to make a push for playing time, there has been precious little said about the young man many refer to as The Reverend. Well, Scout has got a quote from Coach Richt on how he’s doing:

“Ray’s getting a ton of reps. He’s getting better. He’s kind of like all the freshmen, every once in a while you’ll see something and say, ‘Man, he’s really going to be good one day.'”

That is encouraging. And one more quote from Drew himself:

“As of this week, we’ve had a lot thrown at us. Basically the entire playbook. I’ve caught on pretty well for the most part. It’s just getting down the small things, such as alignment and those types of deals.”

As a defensive end in high school, Drew grew used to lining up with his hand in the dirt. This is much different from the mostly upright position he’ll be lining up in as an outside linebacker. If Ray Drew approaches football the same way he approaches living his life, it’s not hard to imagine him being successful.


2 Responses to “Where is Ray Drew?”

  1. Ray Drew is a FINE YOUNG MAN. Already a leader off the field, and sure to be one on the field as well. I found it interesting in his interview today with Georgiadogs.com that the Boise game will not only be his first collegiate game played, but his FIRST EVER Georgia game too!!

    Lets get behind these guys!!!

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