Why Athens is the greatest town in the world

It really can be summed up in one sentence: Milledge Avenue during Rush Week. If you had to put a number on it, how many wrecks and fender-benders would you say occur annually on Milledge? And do you reckon there might be an increase during certain times of the year? Like, say, when the sororities line up their incoming recruits?

Our boys are going on a scooter ride down Milledge today. I wonder why? Let’s hope there’s no emerging the wrong way from an alley or any other such scooter adventures. I have it on good authority that the campus cops aren’t actually human but, instead, some sort of sentient life form discovered on the ice planet of Hoth and brought back to the Classic City when it was learned that they lack any sort of discretion, instead showing a penchant for “acting like The Man”.

In other news, there’s word that Isaiah Crowell suffered a minor groin injury at today’s practice. He’s being made available to the press later so we should be getting more information as the day goes on.

Yup, our guys are on it.


2 Responses to “Why Athens is the greatest town in the world”

  1. I remember those times fondly- surprised I never rear ended somebody due to the rubbernecking down Milledge

    • I attended Clarke Central. There is this side street directly across from the front of the school that runs next to one of the sorority houses. This sorority house had a deck in their back yard that is clearly visible as one drives down this side street. I… it… yes. Fond memories.

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