Updates on watermelon cuttin’

So the annual end of camp watermelon cuttin’ is upon us. Here are some highlights:

  • Malcolm Mitchell made the “cut of the day” when he split two safeties and sliced himself up a perfect, equilateral wedge. Said Shawn Williams of Mitchell’s feat, “I’ve never seen someone with that kind of technique before…”.
  • Highly touted Juco defensive lineman John Jenkins didn’t quite make it through the first round of ‘melon cuttin’, having to be helped off the field after the big guy took a watermelon seed to the eye. Seems Malcolm Mitchell’s cut was so forceful that it caused a seed to go ballistic. Reports indicated that Jenkins came back strong for later rounds, even tipping a stray watermelon to himself before taking it to the house.
  • Eight walk-ons were asked to join the prestigious Bulldog Watermelon Cuttin’ Club©.
  • Every running back in the state of Georgia missed the watermelon cuttin’ event due to undisclosed minor injuries.

Thus concluded training camp. After a much deserved off day tomorrow, practice resumes next week, along with the start of classes.

Ah, to be young and in Athens in the Fall again.


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