A Tree grows in Sanford

During the offseason, our coaches decided to move Alec Ogletree from safety to inside linebacker. Moving Tree closer to the line of scrimmage and the ball would allow this athletic big-hitter ample opportunities to make plays. Further, his coverage skills learned as a safety could certainly help bolster a linebacker corps susceptible to shallow crossing routes, wheel routes, passes to a back in the flat, anything to do with a tight end… I just managed to give myself a flashback of last season.

Moving on. So far, this move has seemed to pay off. Through two scrimmages, Tree has accrued 16 tackles, one sack and one pass breakup. Said Jarvis Jones of Tree’s versatility:

“Him being at middle linebacker gives him a lot of range. He can move sideline to sideline. He can cover. He can come down and make the big play.”

That’s two scrimmages where he has lead the defense in tackles. And this after only having made the move to his new position earlier this year.

“I’ve been trying to get to the ball, and do what I do,”

I’m a fan of that. You know, him doing what he does when he gets to the ball. And I guess former Tennessee player and coach Bowden Wyatt was right about his advice to defensive players: “Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in a bad humor.”

Oh, one more thing. Seems we may have made a Knock Out hire indeed.


4 Responses to “A Tree grows in Sanford”

  1. Yes, I would say there’s a connection. Thanks for calling our attention to it. Hope he stays healthy for a long as he likes. Looks like a no-brainer move from a coaching standpoint since he was hitting people at the line of scrimmage from the safety slot.

    • I wonder how much Coach Kirk Olivadotti had to do with Tree’s move? I believe Coach O was hired in February and Tree’s position switch took place in early March. Tree is pushing 240 lbs now and if I were an incoming inside linebacker coach, I’d very much want to be his coach.

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