Questions on the NFL supplemental draft

In light of all that has come out of the University of Miami recently regarding NCAA infractions, should the NFL take measures in an effort to help curtail some of this wrongdoing on the amateur level? And is this, in fact, what they’re doing when Roger Goodell and the NFL Players Association decide to allow Terrelle Pryor to become eligible for the upcoming supplemental draft but suspend him for the first five games of the season? After all, is it very likely that Pryor would have even played in any of those games? And does being suspending for those five games also mean that he cannot take part in any team activities during that time period?

Also, what about the current active NFL players who were named as being part of the mess in Miami? Will any of them face any sort of penalties?

I seem to be asking a lot of questions but I sure don’t have any answers as yet. What do you guys think?


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