The U(niforms) and updates

I’ll say this up front. I don’t know @MariaTaylor7 from Shinola. But her tweet was retweeted by Seth Emerson. And I do know him. He’s Mr. Blog Man. So here you go (you’ll notice that I’ve just quoted the tweet rather than linked it to show the fancy twitter image and text. This is because this tweet no longer exists on @MariaTaylor7’s timeline. Intriguing, if you’re into that line of thinking):

“Saw the New Uniforms Nike made for UGAs 1st game-red jersey & pants black belt silver helmet w/red stripe bada$$ gloves black/silver shoes”

Honestly, I don’t care how the Dawgs look in their fancy new uniforms. I just care how they play in them. And speaking of playing, here are a couple of more tweets and info from Seth regarding the Dawgs:

Also, Dawgs247 daily live thread is up with coverage of Coach Richt’s post-practice talk with the media. A couple of points of interest:

  • Richt on Sanders Commings … “I think he’s ready right now to play safety (in a game).”

  • Richt on Marlon Brown … “He’s just kind of been steady improvement and then one day all of a sudden you’ve improved enough where you feel it yourself … He’s trimmed. He’s strong. He’s more agile than I’ve ever seen him. He’s just looked in. … He’s doing great. I’m really happy to see that.”


4 Responses to “The U(niforms) and updates”

  1. The only dawg related Maria Taylor I can think of is the tall lady that covered the g-day game and player interviews for gtv on last year

  2. F’n silver helmets. Horrible.

  3. […] the UGA uniforms comes from a tweet that was mysteriously deleted a few hours after being posted. The U(niforms) and updates Year of the Dawg __________________ How 'Bout Them […]

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