Doing Erk proud

So, what does everyone think? I’m speaking, of course, about the new uniforms we’ll be wearing against Boise State on September 3rd. A quick perusal of the Dawgosphere reveals more negative than positive reactions, I see.

You know, I must admit that my first reaction wasn’t entirely favorable. But I think this had more to do with just how different these new uniforms look. It was, quite honestly, a shock upon first glance, even though we had been forewarned, so to speak.

But, after some rumination and reflection, I’ve come to decide that I do indeed like these here fancy new uniforms. Particularly the red stripe continuing down the face mask. Because it reminds me of something:


Look, these new uniforms ain’t for us. They’re for the players. And if these uniforms make our players happy and excited, then I’m happy and excited.

Go Dawgs!


4 Responses to “Doing Erk proud”

  1. Good point. I didn’t like the stripe, but the Erk reference is outstanding.

  2. The Erk reference is very nice. However, I can assure you the design morons in Oregon have no clue who he is. Their obsession is change for the sake of change.

    I will try to keep focusing on the Erk reference. That will make this all a little more palatable to me.

    The uniforms are terrifically ugly and it looks to me as if Nike is almost TRYING to elicit a negative response from the fan base. The overwhelming resposes to these uniforms are negative, but maybe there is just a wide generational divide between the players and the alumni over 40 (which is me and my friends and siblings).

    • I have a very good friend who has, throughout our relationship, given me lots of very good advice. I don’t always listen to her and it is usually to my detriment. That said, one of the things she taught me long ago is to only worry about things I can control.

      As you say, there is very little doubt in my mind that Nike knows or cares about Erk Russell. But I know and care about him. I can’t control what the uniforms look like, but I do have control over my interpretation of its appearance. And I choose to believe the red stripe on the facemask is in tribute to Erk.

      You make a good point about this generational divide between players and most of us fans. I’m still trying to figure out the whole “Soldier Boy (Superman)” dance. I’m afraid I look a bit like Gary and Verne attempting it.

      Go Dawgs!

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