Phil Steele talks about the teams he thinks are overrated and underrated in the recent AP Top 25 Poll. He lists the Dawgs as one of his underrated teams:

#19 Georgia-This is a must-win season for HC Mark Richt as he is definitely on the hot seat. The Bulldogs did have 4 net close losses last year and have signed some key newcomers in RB Isaiah Crowell and NT Jonathan Jenkins who should have a huge impact. The Bulldogs avoid the top 3 teams in the SEC West plus get South Carolina at home. UGA is one of my Most Improved Teams and is my upset pick to win the SEC East.

Phil has been pretty high on us the last few seasons and although the Dawgs have disappointed him, he continues to stick by us. Good man, that Phil Steele. Also, note that he’s got both Auburn and Florida as overrated. Yup, good man.

Avoiding the big three in the Big Bad West is a fortunate turn of events for us. Typing that last sentence just caused a completely insane thought to jump into my head: just our luck, this is the year Vanderbilt rises up from out of nowhere.


2 Responses to “Overrated/Underrated”

  1. Outside of AJ and Durham, I just see a lot of addition by subtraction. I am not bashing those guys, but it just seems in the comments and practice notes that the players this year are working in a different way and attitude. I am not saying that I have taken the kool-aid and turned the jug up only to drunkenly ask for more, Im just saying I think there is something there that wasnt there last year.

    why? i dont know. I just think so. call it pre-season hype, but I just think we are gonna do better. How much better? 2011 will let us know. I just know this offseason has been longer than most.

    • I made a similar comment on another blog just yesterday. I have this gut feeling that we’ve come a long way since the Liberty Bowl. What we’ve all read as well as the sorts of things our players and coaches are saying is the only evidence I have of this. But the feeling is strong and I can’t shake it.

      Strangely, this summer and offseason have flown by for me. Usually, summers drag on forever and the weridest thing is that I didn’t even have a World Cup this year to occupy the month of June. Watch. Now that I’ve actually typed that out loud, these next two weeks are gonna drag.

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