“I doubt we go to Ramsey”

I can’t actually believe I read that. Here’s the full quote from Coach Mark Richt:

“I doubt we go to Ramsey. This might be the first time that we’ve gotten all 29 practice opportunities in. We haven’t gotten there yet, but we’re on track.”

We’re not taking a day off from practice this year? To go to the pool? But…Wait a minute. You mean there’s not going to be any photos of the Dawgs splashing about in the water? No video feature on ESPN of Coach Richt taking a plunge from the 10 meter board?

Glory, Glory indeed. We’re getting after it. That change we wanted to see this off season? This is a small part of it. But I find it meaningful. We’ve got work to do. Our coaches know it and the players know it as well.

Go Dawgs!


3 Responses to ““I doubt we go to Ramsey””

  1. They go to the pool every year. It is a little tradition and part of that tradition is to throw the players off. It doesn’t bother me one bit. Its good for TEAM.

  2. Going to the pool doesnt bother me, it never has. Deciding not to go after a 6-7 season doesnt bother me either. Coach knows what hes doin. If he says no pool, theres no pool.

    Run that play again!!!

  3. Yeah, while I certainly don’t mind our players going to Ramsey, I’m just glad to read that we’re going to get in all of our scheduled practices.

    I just remember the grumblings in years past when we’ve skipped two-a-days or didn’t tackle to the ground during practices. Maybe it’s just that I’m elated to see something being done differently after these last few years.

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