What college football is all about

“Down here every game we play is such a huge rivalry. We hate South Carolina, we hate Auburn , we hate Florida, we hate Tennessee, we hate Tech, we hate everybody. Everybody is a rival. I didn’t realize that when I first got down here but I really grew into it. I have a strong dislike for all those teams now.” – senior tight end Aron White of Columbia, Mo.


6 Responses to “What college football is all about”

  1. I love that quote. Even if I went to a hated school. Since all SEC schools hate all SEC schools. I’m actually going to be lampooning this in a couple of weeks, making fun of the fans of all 12 conference schools, even my own.

    I think Alabama is going to get it the worst…they scream to be satirized!


  2. Hey B.M.D.,

    I wrote three articles on SEC football, the first school life, second going to games, third making fun of other fans. UGA didn’t come out too bad, mainly since we aren’t big rivals.

    But yeah I nailed the Houndstooth Patrol hehe!

    I liked your piece on 9/11 btw and your thoughts about UGA never leaving you. I think all of us in this conference feel the same way, esp. every fall.

    Southenr Blogger/ Mark

  3. […] given us some pretty good quotes before and this time is no different. Bulletin board material for the Vols? Possibly. But […]

  4. […] And then there’s the big game of the weekend, LSU v. Auburn. In previous seasons, I would have taken a neutral stance, possibly cheering on whoever had the ball. But after last year, I find it increasingly difficult to cheer on Auburn. You know, there really is something to what Aron White said regarding our rivalries: we hate everyone. […]

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