Scout team scrimmage stats

The stats are up on Dawgs247:

Malcome 11-61, long 12 TD
Crowell 6-54, long 15 TD
Harton 5-26, long 8 TD

Murray 5-9-0 79y
Mason 7-9-0 98y TD
Tamburo 3-5 23y 1 INT
LeMay 1-2 5y 2 INT

Richt says probably six picks in the game. Cancelled a couple.

Charles 3-31
King 3-21
White 2-46
Harton 1-49
Troupe 1-14
Bennett 1-6

Abry Jones 3 tackles, 2 sacks
Jarvis Jones 4 tackles, 1 sack
Boykin 2 tackles, INT return (75 yards)
Love 3 tackles, sack, FF
Commings INT
S Williams INT

While it’s likely that we have a set of incomplete stats, I have to say I’m liking the numbers we’re seeing, particularly on defense. As has been the case with the previous two scrimmages, our front seven picked up most of the tackles. This is a MUCH better situation than having our safeties lead the team in tackles. And who knew that three little letters (INT) could bring me so much joy?

Gentry Estes also noted that Blair Walsh kicked a 56-yarder. There’s more info at Dawgs247, including quotes like this one:

Richt says they played second half of “game,” and spotted “Boise State” a 31-0 lead. The Georgia team came back to win 38-34, per Richt.

Interestingly, the “opposing” quarterbacks (Tamburo and LeMay) only attempted seven passes total, if the numbers are right. I suppose Boise running the ball and the clock makes sense if the above scenario mentioned by Coach Richt were the case in an actual game.

Also, Seth Emerson has word that captains have been named:

Glad to see DeAngelo Tyson awarded with a captaincy. He worked his tail off for us last year, playing out of position at nose because we had no one else who could do it. And now he’s back at his more natural position, defensive end. DeAngelo could potentially have a huge year, which might even equal the size of his heart. Damn Good Dawg.


3 Responses to “Scout team scrimmage stats”

  1. Thanks for sharing. Interesting stats.

    1- Mason finally got to play with the #1 offense, and outplayed Murray, just like I thought he would. Better accuracy, yards, td’s, etc. Hope Hutson gets some serious playing time against Boise, he earned it.

    2- Aron White conitnues to outplay Charles. Charles is the most over-hyped guy on the team (besides #11). Charles scored 2 td’s last year, none against ranked teams. White’s a better TE. Hope he gets rewarded, he has outplayed Charles all Spring & Summer.

    3- Crowell continues to impress. And good to see Malcome & Harton FINALLY had a good day.

    4- Tough day for the rush defense. Every RB rushed for 5-9 yards per carry. Very troubling.

    5- Both Jones’ on defense are impressive, as are Boykins & Commings.

    6- Also had a 53 yard field goal from Walsh. WOW!

    7- 6 INT’s, DB’s are bringing it!

  2. Joey- the rushing stats are the guys that ran for the Dawgs, not scout team. I haven’t seen any stats for the scout team other than they only got a field goal after being spotted 31 points before simulating the 2nd half. Go Dawgs! GATA!

  3. Oh, Scout team rush defense. Much better.

    Mason threw his 2nd clutch TD so far, one on a go ahead TD on G-Day, another with 11 seconds to go today. I am impressed with this Hutson Mason kid, he’s deadly accurate, cool under pressure at the end of games & basically, the reel deel.

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