We have met the enemy

And he is us. No, I’m not talking about a certain Ponce de Leon Montgomery County Alabama Georgia Beauregard Possum’s escapades in the trash-littered Okefenokee swamp, down past Waycross.

We have our first scrimmage today against the scout team. Half of our team will play the role of the enemy. But the other half, the number 1 offense and defense, will be reunited as a whole after fighting against each other all summer long. Let us pray for these things so that they may occur:

  • No injuries
  • Scout team is prepared and plays hard
  • Offense and defense dominates anyway
  • Everyone learns
  • No injuries

And, as mentioned on the AJC, the scout team will be led by Boise State QB transfer and Georgia native, Michael Tamburo. That’s interesting, isn’t it? A good ol’ Georgia boy going all the way up north to the land of the frozen pomme de terre to play quarterback only to return in time to show us what he’s learned when we’re preparing to play his old team. Yes, very interesting.


One Response to “We have met the enemy”

  1. […] using code names. Interesting that we started off the season at the Dome against Boise State with a transfer quarterback who played for the Broncos. And now we close the season at the Dome against Louisiana State and they have a transfer […]

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