Big, stiff fullback

How crazy would that be? If Richard Samuel just steps onto the scene that everyone is expecting Isaiah Crowell to occupy? What if that happened? And we get this 6’2″ 240 lbs, 4.5-40 running freight train to tote that rock.

Vince said Herschel might just be a big, stiff fullback before he played his first game. After Richard’s first game, we feared that was what we had. But it’s been two years and this 5-star athlete has had time to mature a bit, grow into his body and develop a keener sense for the game of football.

Is it possible to develop that which might not come naturally? A certain football instinct that all great running backs possess? I don’t know. But I do know that Richard Samuel has all the physical tools to dominate at the running back position. And I’m looking forward to seeing him absolutely truck someone.

One Response to “Big, stiff fullback”

  1. […] IV. Earlier in the summer, I made a post on what an outstanding team player his is and I even voiced some hope that Richard could be productive for us as a running […]

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