One more bye week

As we head into this final weekend before the season starts, I’ve come to realize something. While this summer has passed by surprisingly quickly for me, now that the approach of the season is imminent, this last week will drag on forever. It’s inevitable. That’s just how things always work out for me.

But while lamenting this cruel fact, I came to another realization: this is the last weekend we’ll have of relative peace and quiet. And it’s possible that this could also be the last weekend of the year where the Dawgs remain undefeated. It hurts me to think about that. So, instead, I’m going to focus on enjoying these last moments of calm. This last bye week of the off season, so to speak.

And in doing so, I find that I can enjoy looking forward to the games that shall kick off the season in exactly one week. A quick look at ESPN’s scoreboard reveals that there are a ton being played, including one matching up Tech and Western Carolina. You know, I hear them big fish fit for frying come out during Thursday night games. You go, oh Jowly One.

Also of note is a game between the Starkville Dogs and the Memphis Tigers. Now, I live in Memphis. But I ain’t no Tigers fan. Because my heart can only belong to one place. But I shall be watching this game with varying degrees of interest.

During the early parts of the blow out that will be administered to the Tigers, I will be keenly observing Coach Dan Mullen’s team, watching to see just what it is that they do. I have a feeling they’re going to be very explosive this year and that scares me to death. And once the second quarter starts, I’ll shift my attention to how Coach Mullen positions his guys. Because I dearly want to see a defensive tackle lined up as a corner back.

Alright. Yes, I’m talking real bad about the Memphis Tigers. But, man, you just gotta live through the experience that is watching the Tigers play. I went to a practice once and, well, it was a lot like this:

So, yes, we are approaching our last weekend before the start of the season. Enjoy these last fleeting moments of our innocence before the battles begin. Eight hard weeks will pass before the Dawgs are off again. And by then we will be bloodied and we will have learned quite a bit about ourselves. Let us hope we like what we see.


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