AJ Green’s first TD

Yeah, it’s just a NFL preseason game. But, still, it’s got to be a thrill to get your first touchdown catch as a professional.*

“It’s like a dream come true. I’ve been thinking about it all day, honestly – ‘When am I going to get my first TD?”‘

Check out highlights of the Bengals v. Panthers game over at NFL.com and keep an eye out at the 1:27 mark for the catch.

Dawgs receiver Israel Troupe poked a little fun at AJ for his lack of celebration after the touchdown (no, not against LSU), to which AJ replied:

But he promised:

Congratulations, AJ, on the first of many.

* As noted, the Bengals played against the Panthers last night. The starting QB for the Panthers is Cam Newton. I re-wrote that second sentence many times to refrain from making a “nice to score a touchdown and get paid for it” joke. And now I’ve gone and ruined all that effort.


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