Important games and mid-morning scare

ESPN’s Ed Aschoff has an article up examining a critical part of UGA’s schedule:

“Georgia’s toughest part of the season comes right out of the gate against Boise State and South Carolina, but even if Georgia begins the year 0-2, the SEC East isn’t out of reach. Georgia’s chances at an East title start to really be on the line during the middle of the season…If Georgia wants to make it back to Atlanta for the SEC title game, it has to come out of this stretch with a winning record. Two or more losses will likely be too many.”

It’s a pretty accurate assessment and Aschoff predicts the Dawgs will come out 3-1 after these four games are played, with our loss likely coming from Mississippi State or Tennessee. I’ve got a bad feeling about our game against them Starkville Dogs. They impressed me last year and I feel that Dan Mullen is damn good coach who I wish would leave our conference. At least they’re in the West and, who knows, maybe he’ll be hired away after this season. I suppose it’s also possible that he could be our coach by then as well… Yeah, I’m just gonna let that dangle.

Also, there’s word that Dawgs will be practicing at the Dome today. Unfortunately, there’s also word that Branden Smith might not be participating due to an injury suffered yesterday. I’m not sure how serious this injury is but tight end Aron White comes forth with “details”:

I don’t know if I’m going to make it to September 3rd, guys. See, before this whole Branden Smith injury thing, I’d already suffered through a moment. I saw this headline earlier and nearly had a heart attack: “Jarvis Jenkins tore his ACL Thursday night“. Of course, Jarvis Jenkins is a rookie defensive end for the Washington Redskins. But in my, shall we say, highly agitated state as we approach the start of the season, my mind parsed that headline as “Jarvis Jones and John Jenkins tore their ACLs and UGA now DOOMED” You can imagine my distress.

I’m going to bed. Someone wake me up on the 3rd. It’ll be better this way.


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