‘Twas the night before football

You know, I considered doing the whole silly poetry schtick. But then I remembered that I can barely string together a comprehensible sentence, much less one that rhymes. Besides, the only rhymes I know are of an amphibrachic nature, if you know what I mean. And, honestly, we’re all the better for not having to go through that limerical experience.

So… Football! Tomorrow! Just hours away! Y’all ready? I’ve just had a sign that, I think, bodes well for our future. Long story short, I was poised to help a friend move into a new place this weekend. But then I received a text from her telling me that “I’m off the hook : )” because movers have been hired.

I realize that some things are vastly more important than other things. I do. I realize that. Really. And so I say, I’m very proud of my friend for what she has accomplished through a difficult time. She has done many good things that will help important people. Very well done, Liz.

(And I get to watch football!)

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