Kellen Moore’s force field

I was reading this write up on the game over at Rivals and noticed this interesting quote from Broncos’ QB Kellen Moore:

“Bottom line, a lot of it is just experience. The first time you did it, you got antsy and you threw it away, or you got antsy and you scrambled. Then you watch it on tape and see you’ve got a little more time and get better and better. And eventually you get a comfort zone and you get almost this force field, where you get the sense that this is my little box and I can maneuver right in here and we’ll be fine.”

I suppose I could get my Tech friend to come up with some Quadratical Pythagorean Theorem proving the Inequalities of Triangles to figure out if the size and speed of an incoming SEC defender compared to, say, a WAC defender, might, in turn, affect the size of Moore’s “little box”. Oh, right. I don’t have any Tech friends. So I’m going to make an educated guess and say “Yes, indeed, it do”.


2 Responses to “Kellen Moore’s force field”

  1. I hope his O-line has been eatin their wheaties.. it might be a long night if the Dawgs D-line is as good as advertised.

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