More suspensions

For what it’s worth, according to OBNUG, Geraldo Boldewijn is listed as sharing a starting role at wide receiver while Cedric Febis is a starting safety and Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe is a back up defensive tackle.

We went through a similar thing with AJ Green at the start of last season so I definitely know how frustrating news like this can be to a fanbase that’s just excited and ready for their team’s season to start.

UPDATE: These three guys are all from Amsterdam. There are a few points to be made at this juncture but I’m just going to settle on this one: it’s a shame these guys got caught up in something bigger than themselves because, as we all know, only bad things can come of associating yourself with the color orange: Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Tennessee… the Dutch (sorry, Nikka).


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