New scoreboard

A photo of our new scoreboard, courtesy of the Red and Black:

Check out that crazy looking helmet. What’s with all that red? Looks old-fashioned.


2 Responses to “New scoreboard”

  1. Is it true, that prior to the S.C game, there will be a UGA campus bonfire, fueled mostly by the discarded Nike plastic Power Ranger “uniforms” from the Boise State debacle? Please advise..

    • I understand that the inhalation of smoke caused from burning such refuse might be harmful, particularly for the young and the elderly. Please exhibit extreme caution if you should find yourself in and around the vicinity of said bonfire.

      Glad to be rid of those things. They excited the players and I’m all for that. But we need to get back to what works. And that’s the basics. Like silver britches, red helmets and I-formation football. We don’t need no silver helmets nor any no huddle, shotgun spread. We need to block and tackle.

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