Rambo sighting

Posted via linebacker Christian Robinson’s Twitter:

Coach Richt continues to observe radio silence on safety Bacarri Rambo’s situation, although he did mention the other day that Rambo has “been preparing. He’s getting all the reps.” And now we see that he’s at least making the trip to the Dome.


2 Responses to “Rambo sighting”

  1. Maybe Richt is just interested in driving up blog stats? It’s working on me. What the heck is the deal with Rambo?

    Nice work catching that, btw. I’ve enjoyed the blog and look forward to more good stuff.

    • Wait, who told you abou-… I mean, uh… Dangit, you’ve caught us. Yes, it’s true. Coach Mark Richt has entered into a super secret “agreement” with all of us bloggers to specifically drive up hits by acting coy about team issues and releasing info piecemeal.

      It all started when Coach Richt realized how lucrative blogging about them Dawgs can be. Remember when he put his lake house up on the market? Yeah, he’s strapped for cash. He’s even started his own Dawgs blog. I won’t reveal the name of the blog (for fear of retribution by his server admin, Joe T 2.0) but let’s just say that Coach Richt has been known to make a sausage or two in his day. In a coldblooded fashion, as it were.

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