I am at peace

So I got up extra early this morning because I wanted to get in a quick run before this glorious day’s festivities began. Also, I thought it might be a nice chance to sort of clear my mind a bit in preparation for the long day ahead of us.

What really happened was that I ended up wandering around my neighborhood aimlessly. It must have been quite a sight for any random observer: some guy trying to run and argue with himself at the same time, all the while wringing his hands.

Due to my preoccupation, I ended up running for a bit longer than I normally do. But I covered much less distance because, as it turned out, I never even really got out of my neighborhood, instead run-pacing a shallow path in a grassy area. But that’s when it all hit me.

As the Romans say, “The ram has touched the wall”. Well, actually, they say murum aries attigit on account of… Romish being a foreign language and all. And them foreign languages always have a different word for everything, you know what I mean?

Anyway, this is it, folks. The ram has touched the wall and there’s no turning back now. We’ve hopefully come a long way since Memphis, back in December. Thankfully, we’ve had the services of a bus to carry us all along.

But it occurs to me that another meaning of that Roman phrase is that once we have arrived, there will be no quarter given. Boise State wants to play us in a game. So here we are. But we haven’t come to play. We’ve come to destroy everything in sight.

With those happy thoughts ensconced in my head, I made my way home from my run, at peace with myself.

Welcome to the start of our season, everyone. Peace be with you all, good luck and Go Dawgs!


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